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Deaths and injuries after severe storms in the United States

Deaths and injuries after severe storms in the United States

As of: March 15, 2024 2:35 PM

Several states in the United States have been hit by severe storms. Colorado experienced heavy snowfall – other states experienced severe tornadoes. Dead and wounded.

Many people have died due to the severe storm that hit the northeastern part of the United States. The Logan County Sheriff's Office in Ohio confirmed heavy damage and three deaths. The number of victims may increase. A “very dangerous” tornado has hit Ohio, according to the weather service. “It's pure devastation. I've never seen anything like it in my life,” one resident of the small town of Indian Lakes told ABC.

Thousands of customers were temporarily without power. Possible tornadoes were also reported in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois. CNN reported that more than 20 people were injured. Meanwhile, heavy snow fell in Colorado.

A home in Ohio was damaged by a tornado.

Severe storms recently hit the states of Kansas and Missouri. Hail fell in places – with baseball-sized clumps. The US media is talking about “Gorilla Hail”.

No electricity, no school

In Winchester, Indiana, there were “many, many serious injuries,” a police spokesman said. He could not give exact numbers. At least 50 buildings were reported damaged by storms in Milton, Kentucky. Also, there were power outages at many places due to faulty cables.

According to the website “,” about 50,000 homes in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky were without power that morning. Many schools were closed.

Experts attribute the increase in natural disasters in the U.S. to the effects of global warming — storms, floods and wildfires.

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