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Decision postponed: Winds are too strong: Ski trips in Vikersund have been cancelled

Decision postponed: Winds are too strong: Ski trips in Vikersund have been cancelled

The ski jumping hill in Vikersund was the scene of a long wait on Saturday due to bad weather. First of all, the premiere of the Women's Flying & Skiing World Cup in the morning had to be cancelled. The men's competition was then canceled for Saturday afternoon. However, Stefan Kraft is yet to win the World Cup early, because Saturday's contest will be held on Sunday (11.05am) with just one flight when the weather will be much better.

Under the new 'Raw Air' regulations, the second Men's World Cup will be held as planned as a 'Super Final' in three rounds (top 30, then top 20, then top 10). “The wind conditions were still very unstable, and the latest information was 13 meters per second, which is too much,” race director Sandro Bertil said in an interview with ORF TV.

“The right decision”

ÖSV coach Andreas Vidholzl also saw it this way. “Basically it was the right decision, it was very turbulent and very changeable. It would have been dangerous as well. We are happy that we now have two competitions tomorrow. The weather for tomorrow is good,” said the Tyrolean. “In addition, the athletes are already tired at the end of the season.” You don't have to impose anything anymore.”

“I did everything right today, I didn't waste a lot of energy today,” said World Cup leader Kraft, who was not expecting to participate. “If tomorrow is perfect, it will certainly be better. Four times tomorrow – we had that too in Kulm, we can handle it. It would be nice if I could fix it,” Kraft said, referring to the near-decisive battle for the big crystal ball. tomorrow”.

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The mammoth program awaits

The jury had waited some time with the two women in the morning, but then gave up. Defending World Cup champion Eva Pinkelnig supported the cancellation. “It's quite windy conditions. “They're starting to tie things up here in the final round.” She wouldn't mind having two contests on Sunday. “Of course we would all like that. “Everyone supports us winning the World Cup twice.”

This wish has come true: a good weather forecast allows for a huge program that looks like this: 9:00 AM Women's 1st Competition (1 round), 10:00 AM Women's 2nd Competition (2 rounds), 11:05 AM Men's 1st Competition (1st Round) ) and 3:30 pm, the second competition for men (3 passes).