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Matej Svancer in fourth place in the Big Air World Cup in Tignes (FRA)

Matej Svancer in fourth place in the Big Air World Cup in Tignes (FRA)

The Big Air World Cup Finals were held today in variable conditions in Tignes (FRA), with the freestyle skiers making their third stop. After Salzburg's Matej Svancer won the Big Air qualifier yesterday, he just missed the podium in fourth place.

Head coach Martin Bremstaller is quite satisfied with today's result, even though it was not enough for a podium finish. “The conditions weren't exactly easy. It was still a bit windy during training until some snow started falling, which slowed everything down. With jumps like this, it's difficult to assess the changing conditions, especially mentally.

The finalists had a total of three runs, with the total number of points from the best two different jumps counting towards the final score.

Svancer is excited about another NBD jump into his group. In the third round he showed a “Double Baron Flip with Critical Grab”, which was rewarded with 93.75 points. Combined with 86.50 points from his first round of “Nolli Dub Cork 1080 Bring Back to 900 Double Japan” he received a total of 180.25 points.

“We reached the final with two athletes, and the level was high, but we can definitely keep up with them,” adds Martin Bremstaller.

Lukas Mulauer is happy to start the final with “Switch Double Cork 1800 Blunt” for which he received 85.00 points. On the second jump, the Double Cork 1800 Tailgrab, he failed to catch the ball and received 69.75 points. Unfortunately, he was unable to make the same jump cleanly in the third round, and thus was unable to improve his score. In the final he did not make the jumps as smoothly as he did in the qualifying round.

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Tyrolean Daniel Bacher finished 50th in the last Big Air World Cup of the season.

Swiss Mathilde Grimaud won the general classification of the Big Air World Cup for women, and American Alexander Hall (USA) for men.