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defeated HC Pustertal over Pioneers Vorarlberg 4: 0

defeated HC Pustertal over Pioneers Vorarlberg 4: 0

After the last three wins from four matches, Wolves head to Vorarlberg with renewed confidence. They will meet the newly formed team of pioneers in Vorarlbergal in Feldkirch. Under the guidance of famous coach Mark Habshid, they scored 10 points in the first stage of the tournament and attracted attention with their home wins over KAC and HCB. With the wolves, trainer Horsky must do without Christensen and Catinacci; So DeLuca broke into again with Ahl and Andergassen in the first line. In goal, Schull takes precedence over Smith. Pioneers miss Captain Ballstrang due to injury. Instead, new strikers Jarosek and Van Ness are in the squad.

The wolves seem brave from the start and quickly test Caffi with Berger (first) and Deluca (second). Then the black and yellow made it 1-0: Archambault came in third very quickly, was unattended and in his inimitable way put the disc into the far corner (3rd minute). As a result, the Wolves excel, but sometimes they allow themselves to calm down due to the pace of the game, so the home team also gets one result or another. On the HCP side, Archambault (alone after a 2v1 attack) and Roy (alone in the slot) leave good chances. Similarly, Sandhu also finishes the slot on his own, but Sholl is on alert (minimum 17). Near the end of the third half Sanna, Archambault and (outnumbered) Berger still had reasonable chances, but a narrow lead remained after 20 minutes.

In the second division, wolves make life difficult for themselves due to lack of discipline (first 2 minutes galera, then 2 + 2 affectionate). However, penalties are effective again, and at the same time it is no coincidence that the home team has the most harmless power in the league. So Sana with a man falling in a 2v1 counterattack also has the best chance; A little later, Bardaro failed from an acute angle on the crossbar. Wolves still lacked the necessary grit with the last pass, so the pioneers get good chances to equalize by fighting with Metzler and Zeitz. On the other hand, Bardaro, in a 3v1 counterattack, does not give in to the runners who are ready to score, but closes himself (missing the target). At the end of the third inning, the Wolves get their first full-strength game, but they behave very comically and do not get a single dangerous shot on goal.

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In the final section, the wolves first continue to increase their kill percentage before they cast offensive accents again. After 44 minutes, it was Matt Spencer who hit the ball from the blue line and the ball curled into the net (0:2). It was the first goal of the season for the 25-year-old defender who was under contract with Dornbirn Bulldogs in Vorarlberg last season. As a result, black and yellow leave the initiative to the house, and the pioneers check Sholl every minute during this phase. Wolves owe the fact that the game is dry and dry due to their effective game of overpaying. They hit twice in the power game: first, Archambault escapes his opponents in the neutral zone after Erikson loses a disc, pulls in and uses the backhand (0:3; minute 52), then Roy who uses the through ball takes Archambault’s entire field, who is prominent Today, Caffi storms alone and is capable of turning dry (0:4; 53.min.). So, Wolves take three points from Vorarlberg and move in the table for the first time above the green line to take 10th place, which is equal to the pre-match place.

Before the national team break, two exciting encounters await HCP this week: on Friday, KAC will visit Brunico, on Sunday the Wolves will travel to Asiago for their first encounter with the league’s newcomer from Veneto.

Daniel Weger