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Max has not yet reached the end of his potential.

Max has not yet reached the end of his potential.

Graz. As the head of the Red Bull empire wanted, another Formula One team pays its respects with victories. “Life goes on,” says bull mastermind Marco. “These successes are unique, and we are enjoying them now.”

oe24: Verstappen is also breaking records that you thought were impossible during the summer holidays. What is your interpretation of this superiority?
Helmut Marko: We dealt with it realistically. It’s really amazing how the season turned out. You wouldn’t expect Max to be like this, everything is going really well this year. The team’s only 19 victories in one season (Mercedes 2016, editor) is not enough.

oe24: This will be a goal for 2023…
Marco: I don’t think it’s possible for everything like this to come together for another season. However: Max has not yet reached the end of his possibilities. It’s more mature, faster and more tire-friendly. There is still much room for improvement.

oe24: Bild newspaper fears Verstappen will win the broken Formula One race…
Marco: Unfortunately, we cannot take this into account. For the rest, Max offers nothing but boring races, for example B. got the highest ratings in Austria.

oe24: The contest had hoped that the penalty for going over budget would be harsh. But seven million and less wind tunnel testing time doesn’t hurt Red Bull, does it?
Marco: We do not allow ourselves to be derailed by such controlled actions, we compensate for it with motivation. Also, we can offload wind tunnel mitigation into other activities such as weight or suspension strategies. These are logical consequences – we are also now making adjustments to our accounting and legal department.

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