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Deleted photos suddenly appear

Deleted photos suddenly appear

(Photo: iStock/Prikhodov)

After the recently released iOS 17.5 update, many users reported the unexpected return of long-deleted photo files to their photo galleries. This phenomenon, which was shared by users on the discussion platform Reddit, raises concern and surprise. Of particular concern is the reappearance of photos that were removed from storage years ago, raising questions about data security and privacy on Apple devices.

Unwanted return of deleted memories

User reports on Reddit suggest that the update brings unpleasant surprises in the form of “resurrected” images. Individual contributions describe how, among other things, content from 2021 reappeared in the gallery without any user action – even though it was expressly intended for permanent deletion. “Scary, I was completely shocked,” says one of the injured. Other users claim to have discovered photos from 2010 in their galleries, a fact that points to deep problems with the management and security of personal data on iOS devices.

The technology behind this phenomenon

Typically, Apple Photos stores deleted content in what's called a “Trash” for 30 days. This mechanism allows users to recover recently deleted data. The reason for the current error that leads to recovery of long deleted photos is still a mystery. Specialized media outlets such as Macrumors suspect indexing errors or disruptions in image libraries as possible causes. This assumption is supported by previous reports from the beta phase of iOS 17.5, in which users have already pointed out sync issues with iCloud.

Apple's iOS 17.5 update is sparking discussions and speculation in the technology community. Users around the world are hoping for an early response from Apple to ensure control over their personal data and avoid unwanted surprises in their digital gallery.