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Deployment in Miami: Sun Express terminates wet lease program in US

Deployment in Miami: Sun Express terminates wet lease program in US

The Turkish-German holiday airline actually planned to charter four Boeing 737s to the United States. But now the Sun Express deal with Aero Airways has been terminated.

These are the numbers employers want to present. Sun Express has already managed to overcome the pandemic in terms of capacity last year. In the current year, the Turkish-German holiday airline will already offer a fifth more seats than in 2019 and by 2023 it should be 35 percent more. That is why He is also stocking up his fleet for the upcoming summer season On that day.

Sun Express has found a clever solution for winter, which is always the weakest in terms of demand in Europe. The airline acquired a customer who wanted to lease four Boeing 737-800 aircraft and their crew from them during the winter season. But now it is Vet lease agreement with American Aero Airways Burst, a spokesman for Aerotelegraph confirms. “Sun Express Decides to Terminate Proposed Wet Lease Program in US.”

Flights are scheduled mainly to Cuba

SunExpress operates four Boeing 737 aircraft based in Miami. From there they flew passengers to Cuba mainly on behalf of Iaero, and also on behalf of specialist tour operators. The possibility of travel from the United States to the communist island has been reduced again in recent years. But they are still allowed for family visits, research and conferences, public appearances or humanitarian projects.

Demand for flights from Europe is significantly lower during winter. This is why many European airlines have more flights in winter. In North America, on the other hand, flights to warmer weather are in greater demand. Airlines in Canada and the United States may require additional flights.

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