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WM USA: Wee Jr. Dad’s dream

WM USA: Wee Jr. Dad’s dream

George Way is Africa’s only World Cup player to date. His son Tim is now fulfilling his big World Cup dream.

George Weah. The name itself makes your thoughts fly. Wee, “King George”, Africa’s Football Monument. To this day, Wie, who has been president of his native Liberia since January 2018, represents the legendary AC Milan of the 1990s, where the beefy attacker mesmerized the football world alongside legends like Franco with his inimitable movement towards goal. Baresi, Paolo Maldini and Roberto Baggio.

After 25 years, the Weah name is back on the big stage. His son will battle it out with the US national team against the Netherlands on Saturday (4:00 p.m. CET) for a place in the quarterfinals. OSC Lille striker Tim Wee, 22, is living his father’s dream in Qatar. As Weah is the top scorer in the senior Champions League, he is Africa’s only world footballer of the year – but he has not played in a World Cup.

Tim Weah said his World Cup participation was “a blessing”. Mark. It was an honor for him to represent my family and my country on the biggest stage in history. Everyone is happy to “live the dream by me”.

World Cup days are the only addiction

A recent video shows the son and father in the catacombs of the World Cup stadium. George, dressed in a suit and tie, takes the sweating Filius in his arms, taps Tim on the shoulder and pats him gently on the cheek. He always “prays for days like this,” Weah Jr. said. He said he never saw his father as a celebrity or a legend, only as my dad. Game chart.

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The goalscorer is likely to find Doha’s days the most intoxicating so far. Weah’s goal in the U.S. opener against Wales set the stage for the knockout stage, and he started all three games.

Born in New York, living in France, father from Liberia, mother from Jamaica: Weah was free to choose which country he played for. But it was clear to him. “Of course, my roots will always be my roots, but I grew up in America,” said Weah, who made his U.S. national team debut in March 2018. He thought of nothing else: “I’ve lived here all my life. My family and friends are here.

Did everything right, one likes to say. With his commitment to Qatar, Weah Jr. has already achieved what his father always dreamed of.