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Derby preparations: VSV's win in Klagenfurt six years ago was in 5 minutes

Derby preparations: VSV’s win in Klagenfurt six years ago was in 5 minutes

The match (starts at 4:30 pm) can be watched live on Puls 24’s free TV. Radio ORF Kärnten also reports live entries. For EC GRAND Immo VSV head coach Rob Daum, this was his first derby as a VSV coach with the fans in the hall: “Of course I’m a bit nervous. The derby in Carinthia is always a very special game, and has its own rules. It’s also my first derby as a VSV coach where The public is allowed. We want to finally end a long string of negative events in Klagenfurt.”

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Defender Brett Fleming will miss the derby, and Travis Oleksock is in question. A decision on an assignment will be made after the final training on Saturday! The first derby of the season was very clear for the local opponent from Klagenfurt. The Kuwait Airways team won 4-0 in Villach. Rob Daum, VSV coach: “That was of course a very bitter defeat. Mainly because we had a really strong phase before and we also showed good ice hockey. But it turns out that Klagenfurters are very compact and also icy cold when taking chances. Now we want to respond in Klagenfurt. We have to. We behave as we did in Vienna last time. We played very aggressively, tactically smart and compact, both defensively and offensively. We will also have to be very efficient, and above all avoid transitions and we have to take advantage of the opportunities that we develop for ourselves as icy cold.”

“The derby is always something very special”

Defender Stefan Bacher is someone who was already part of the Adler team at the time and was able to encourage their last away derby win. Nobody in Villach’s current squad has derby experience like him. The veteran is looking forward to a 72nd duel against his arch-rivals and knows exactly what will be important against Klagenfurters: “A derby is always something very special. There is only full commitment. It will be important to play hard in defense and to stand close to the man, leaving no room for them, and last but not Finally, we let them save in the classic way, as was the case with the defeat on home soil. Special teams will also be crucial – it’s important to avoid penalties and use our overwhelming attitude like icy cold. Then we will win.”

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Derby stats:

  • The white-blues want to celebrate their 143rd victory in the 340th Carinthian Derby on Friday. KAC scored 178 wins, 19 matches ended in a draw.
  • EC VSV GmbH – Tirolerstrasse 47-9500 Villach – UID ATU71187002
  • In Klagenfurt, the Whites lost 11 games in a row – the last victory was VSV in Klagenfurt on February 2, 2016. The win was very high as he scored 1: 5 goals – Dustin Gunner were the top scorers in the Villach derby at the time (3), Christoph Crump and Ryan McKiernan.
  • VSV Defender Stefan Bacher will be playing in the 72nd Carinthian Derby on Sunday!
  • Of the last 20 derbies in Carinthia, “Adler” managed only four wins.
  • The Blue and White Derby’s top scorer is VSV legend Peter Ravel. The SAAM board member scored a total of 54 derby times with the Blue-White team. He was surpassed in these stats only by Eddie Leibler, who scored 56 goals for KAC and 13 for VSV.
  • The current top scorer in the current derby for Adler is Jimmy Fraser with six goals.