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Next Boxing Day failure: Burnley and Everton cancelled. dpa

theondon (dpa) – English Premier League The next match on the traditional Boxing Day game has also been canceled due to the coronavirus cases.

The league has canceled the Burnley team match and the scheduled boxing day match on Sunday FC Everton. Matches between Liverpool and Leeds United and between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Watford on Thursday have already been cancelled.

Everton asked for the cancellation, according to the Premier League’s Christmas Eve announcement. With other infected players on the squad affected by the coronavirus cases, there are no longer enough professionals available for the game at Burnley.

On the day before the Premier League last weekend, only four of the 10 scheduled matches could have been played, and the Burnley and Everton matches were also cancelled. At Monday’s meeting, all the clubs agreed not to take a break over Christmas. Six more matches will be played on Sunday.

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