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– Design and Arts Students Exhibition on January 26 and 27

– Design and Arts Students Exhibition on January 26 and 27

From democracy to climate change, from soil as a material to the design of public spaces: these are some of the topics that students of the Faculty of Design and Arts at UNIBZ worked on in their semester projects. The results can be seen on January 26 and 27 at the traditional exhibition GOG (Gäste-Ospiti-Guests).

The works, installations and products resulting from the creative encounter can be enjoyed in the rooms and studios of the College of Design and Arts. More than 300 students from Design, Arts and Environmental and Social Design courses tackled a wide range of topics in 22 projects in the 23/24 winter term.

For example, students in the “Visual Communication” field led by the teaching team Christian Opmeyer, Matteo Campostrini and Marcelo Parisone, along with about 100 middle school students from Bozen-Gries, Iban and Molten, asked about values ​​in the “Soundwalk – Design for Democracy” project. And the rules of democracy. As part of this specific contribution to political education for 12-14 year olds, various aspects of democracy were discussed in a playful way in the joint research laboratories and the content developed was implemented in a radio play/audio walk as a sound performance. The participants, in cooperation with a theater maker, developed an interactive presentation that will be shown in participating middle schools during the period from January 22 to 25.

On the other hand, the Studio Gallery students explored the theme of the spatial dimension that arises through rituals – religious, pagan, sporting or other – in relation to the Alpine context. After observing, studying and learning from existing rituals, they worked to update them, taking into account that the environmental context is increasingly characterized by environmental crises and climate emergencies. Due to its nature, the project will be presented on Sunday 28 January from 2pm to 6pm in Oberbosen. It's an event with a parade that starts at the Ritten cable car and ends with a party at Café Fink in Oberbozen. On Friday, January 26, the studio where the project is displayed will be sprinkled with road salt to show visitors' footprints.

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Students in Design and Materials tackled another environmental topic with lecturer Aart van Bieswegen in the “Finding Soil” project. They treated the floor as a do-it-yourself material. In practical exercises, they investigated soil properties and uses and discussed its future prospects. Using the BITZ fablab, they developed experimental groups to (re)create the relationship between people and soil.

In light of current social, environmental, agricultural and cultural debates, the project “A is for apples – from fruit to cultural landscape” was created together with local stakeholders and companies: developed by students in collaboration with the VI.P association of Feinschgau fruit and vegetable producers in the field of study “Product Design”. , is a series of design projects ranging from fruit to cultural landscapes. They were inspired by the European Union's Green Deal initiative and exchanged ideas with agricultural critics.

International students of the Master in Social Ecological Design and local stakeholders creatively engaged with the needs, desires and ideas of the residents of the Don Bosco area of ​​Bolzano. The focus was on questions about the use of public space, the decline of green spaces, the importance of nature in the city, social cohesion and the role of play in everyday life.

A tour through this wealth of creative ideas and innovative suggestions, including personal conversations with students, is open to anyone interested. The exhibition can be viewed at the Bolzano campus next Friday from 6pm to 9pm and on Saturday from 11am to 5pm.

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