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Kiev at night, a target for many Russian drones

Kiev at night, a target for many Russian drones

According to local authorities, the Ukrainian capital Kiev was attacked by several Russian drones last night. The Ukrainian military reported that air defenses destroyed 25 out of 32 Shahed drones manufactured in Iran.

Witnesses heard several explosions. A journalist at the French news agency reported that she heard about ten explosions.

“The drones came in groups from different directions.”

The head of the military administration of the city of Kiev, Serhiy Popko, wrote on the Telegram application: “The drones came towards the capital in groups and from different directions.” City Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that one person was injured in the historic Podil district during a fire near the city park.

Many damages caused by falling debris

According to Bobko and Klitschko, the wreckage of downed drones fell in Shevchenko and Svyatoshin, as well as the Podil area. Bobko explained that most of the debris fell in open, undeveloped areas. However, many cars, bus lines and roads were damaged.

In the Shevchenko district, falling debris caused a fire in a residential building, but it was quickly extinguished, according to Bobko. In addition, falling debris reportedly sparked a fire at the popular Sooke Park.

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