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Designer Adrian Newey will leave the Red Bull Formula 1 team in 2025

Designer Adrian Newey will leave the Red Bull Formula 1 team in 2025

Red Bull confirms the Briton's departure. This also means changes for the current season. The recent turmoil surrounding team boss Christian Horner is seen as the impetus behind his dismissal

Formula 1 star designer Adrian Newey will leave world champion Red Bull at the start of 2025 at the latest. After days of speculation, the racing team confirmed on Wednesday that the Briton will leave in the first few months of next year. Red Bull announced that in the time remaining until then, Newey, who has designed several world champion cars as a designer, will no longer work as designer for the Formula 1 team.

This season he will only follow selected track races and focus on building the RB17 road sports car.

The 65-year-old had been with Red Bull since 2006 and had a contract there until the end of 2025. The impetus for his termination was the recent uproar surrounding team boss Christian Horner, who was accused of inappropriate behavior by the former Red Bull. employee.

The issue, which put a major strain on the team's peace at the start of the season, is also said to have led to a rift between Newey and Horner. The team boss was cleared in an internal investigation, but Red Bull's Thai majority owners stayed with him. Red Bull star Max Verstappen's father has previously publicly opposed Horner. Due to the power struggle, Nnewi reportedly decided to leave early.

Will Newey stay in Formula 1?

It was not initially clear whether Newey wanted to continue his involvement in Formula 1. In the past, he has reportedly turned down offers from Ferrari several times, and the Scuderia is said to continue to pursue him. Aston Martin and Mercedes are also reportedly interested in signing Newey.

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The top designer has been working in the racing series for decades. The cars he designed for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull were the basis for many racing victories and titles. Newey is one of the most important people behind Sebastian Vettel's four World Cup victories from 2010-13 as well as Max Verstappen's current title run.

Newey's departure could now spark fresh turmoil at Red Bull, although he has recently stepped down from several duties at the team. The loss of the great designer may also make Verstappen, who is particularly courted by Mercedes, consider a change. (APA/DPA)

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