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Despite criticizing the performance against the United States, France was satisfied after practice

Despite criticizing the performance against the United States, France was satisfied after practice

15 hours ago

“This Week Is Special”

Despite criticizing the performance against the United States, France was satisfied after practice

The French national handball team completed a special week preparing for the Olympics in their home country. There was criticism of the performance in the final win against the United States, but Guillaume Guille and the Karabatik brothers were satisfied with the course.

Quick 5:1 and 7:2 explained French national coach Guillaume Guille. “But we let them come back and we were a little bit underperforming in all areas of the game,” Guille said of the 9:9 that flashed into the scene shortly after.

The French coach then said his team dominated the game through substitutions, with 19:15 in sight at halftime, which grew to 29:20 after the restart and eventually led to 38:29. “It was a successful result,” said Guille, who spent a few days with his team in Corsica before testing in Lyon.

“I want to remind you that we are now coming to the heart of the matter. We have to define the team,” explained Guillaume Gille, referring to the special features of the Olympic Games, in which only 14 players appeared. The other player, called P-perception, expands the possibilities. “We've got a lot of work ahead of us,” Guille said

Kudos to America

“We won, but we could have done better,” explained Nikola Garapadic after the 38:29 win, in which the veteran was on the starting line. “With America today we know we must not rest on our laurels.”

Nikola Garapadic added: “We started well, we led 7-2, and then maybe some slack allowed them to get back on their feet. Although we could have done it in the second half, we did it. I did it.”

“We could have played better, we lacked a bit of rhythm tonight,” said his brother Luka Garapadic after the encounter. “It's a good thing: we don't have any injuries, everyone was able to play. We could have played better, but the essentials are there,” said the French selection captain, who also noted time and time. The season is coming up in the clubs.

“We were a bit sluggish, maybe not skilled enough – especially when it came to the throws,” criticized Kentin Mahe. “But we still scored 38 goals,” said the future Kammersbacher, “that's good, but we got ten goals,” Mahe said, noting the team's progress in addition to the eventual victory. done. The Karabatic brothers also emphasized this, considering the previous training camp in Corsica.

“Special Week”

“This week we tried above all to spend time together, trying to find each other. It's good for the team,” said Luka Garapadic, explaining the background to the week, which ended with the Test match. “The goal of the week was to test together to be ready on June 20th.”

Then the Olympic host starts the live preparations for the Olympic Games. In Group A, the hosts open against co-favourites Denmark before battles between Norway, Egypt, Argentina and Hungary await in the group stage. The top four teams then advance to the quarter-finals, where their opponents from Group B – and therefore Germany too – will be further obstacles on the way to medals in the cross-competition.