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What is the reason behind the resignation?

What is the reason behind the resignation?

After Miss USA Nolia Voigt announced her retirement from the Miss title earlier this week, Miss Dean USA Umasophia Srivastava has also resigned. He had been struggling with his resignation for months.

Nolia Voigt cited psychological issues as the reason for her resignation on Monday. She wrote on Instagram that “our health is our wealth” so never put your mental and physical health at risk.

In Voigt's Instagram post, the first letters of the first eleven sentences spell out the phrase “I'm calm.” According to CNN, fans speculated if he was referring to a potential contract clause. However, the last three sentences of the statement spell out “HIP”, which again does not match.

Voigt lost the title following the resignation of Miss USA Organization Social Media Director Claudia Mitchell. According to the BBC, Mitchell justified the move by citing “workplace toxicity and bullying”. Opportunities to share Voigt's story were “limited.”

The organization behind Miss USA denied Michelle's claims. Miss USA has always put the well-being of “all individuals involved in the pageant” first.

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