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Despite victory over Montenegro: America struggles there

Despite victory over Montenegro: America struggles there

The United States may have defeated Montenegro, but exposed weaknesses. On the other hand, the Italians won with their emotions against Serbia. Ratings from former Nationals coach Dirk Bowerman.

Sluggish win over Montenegro: Paulo Banchero (right) and the United States.
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I think the Americans will be annoyed that they didn’t take at least one, if not two, experienced centers with them. FIBA basketball is different than NBA basketball. The game is different, the court is smaller, the defensive rules are different – in international basketball you can sometimes “put yourself back”, but not in the NBA because of the defensive three-second rule.

Playing without a regular center is a risk. I think that will hurt the Americans against teams like Germany, Spain or Canada.

The average American half-court game

A second problem the Americans have struggled with against experienced European teams who can control rhythm and pace is their mediocre midfield play. If they can’t get straight tackles from their incredibly dangerous rapid attack, they’ll have a hard time getting high percentage shots with an organized attack.

Besides, every team has a comfort zone, the way they are comfortable playing. It’s a fast game for Americans. If the opponent stops their “transition game” and forces them to play against a well-organized defense, they obviously feel uncomfortable and enjoy their difficulties.

Pozzecco epitomizes the passions of Italy

I was also a bit surprised that the Italians beat Serbia. 1 to 12 A win of passion and passion against a well-rounded team. Again, you can see how important emotions are in sports, especially basketball. This was revealed by Italy coach Gianmarco Boseco. Passion and the will to never give up – that’s what can carry a team to the World Cup.

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