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Destiny 2: Official: Collaboration with Prime Gaming has ended

Destiny 2: Official: Collaboration with Prime Gaming has ended

As with many other games, Amazon Prime subscribers have been able to win goodies in Destiny 2 via Prime Gaming. However, this collaboration officially ended four years later.

Anyone who used Amazon Prime Gaming because they wanted to secure regular in-game content for the long-running sci-fi blockbuster Destiny 2 should be strong now: the corresponding collaboration between Bungie and Amazon has officially come to an end. There will be no more content for Destiny 2 in the future.

As part of the “This Week in Destiny” newsletter, Bungie officially confirmed the end of the collaboration after a total of four years. Since January 2020, a bundle containing shaders, emotes, and other cosmetic items has been made available for free every month via Prime Gaming. Prime subscribers can log in and claim it for free and are then allowed to keep it permanently and use it in-game.

The Prime Gaming Exotic Bundle #49 with Exclusive Time Shader is now the last bundle of its kind and is available until March 7, 2024, after which these offers will expire.

There's a small consolation in the form of other free content. Starting March 5, 2024, you can log in and head to the Eververse Store to claim a free pack containing 700 Bright Dust – weekly until the Destiny 2: The Final Shape expansion launches on June 4, 2024. There's also a free pack containing Mass Effect-related cosmetic items – Thanks to the cooperation with BioWare. The following trailer gives you an overview of these items, including Enhanced Defense Ghost Shell, Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow, and more.

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