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3D printed case for Sega Nomad handheld console

3D printed case for Sega Nomad handheld console

In the retro gaming scene, many vintage and rare consoles have a niche presence. Replacement parts are often no longer available – and a failure usually means the end of the console. YouTube channel”Machu Nacho Productions“A new video shows how 3D printing can help.

Using the example of a badly damaged Sega Nomad, a variant of the portable console of the Sega Mega Drive, the YouTuber demonstrates the possibilities. Using 3D scanning and extensive post-processing, the community has designed a set of interchangeable replacement cases. These can now be easily printed if necessary.

In the case of Nomad, 3D printing allows for complete renovation. In addition to the chassis parts, other components such as the battery housing were used. Additional repairs eventually made it possible to save the Sega Nomad.

The 3D model of the Sega Nomad can be found at Can be downloaded. You can find a 3D printed model maker Support is here.

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