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Detainees awaiting deportation attempted to escape from Vordenberg Detention Center

Nine detainees pending deportation from North Africa and the Middle Easttry n on Sunday afternoon For escape from detention center (AHZ) Vordernberg (District Leoben). They used the officers’ patrol and together they climbed the inner fence of the detention center. A 20-year-old was so badly injured that he had to be treated as an outpatient in the hospital. They were all taken back into custody pending deportation and transferred to the closed prison.

Men from Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq

mostly Young people from Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Iraq According to a statement from the Styrian State Police Headquarters, it started for a short time Try to escape after 2:30 p.m. But officials soon noticed the escape attempt. They managed to get eight of the men between the two fences.

20-year-old Moroccan already got the second – out – Climb the fence, but got stuck at the top end. At first he refused to turn back and, according to the police, inflicted superficial cuts on himself with sections of the barbed wire fence. A crane truck from the local fire department was used to rescue him, and officers were finally able to lower him from the fence.

Injuries from an escape attempt

The 20-year-old was taken by the Red Cross to hospital for an outpatient examination. Other detainees also sustained superficial injuries while trying to escape.

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