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Pope Francis: Sick of pneumonia before Easter

Pope Francis: Sick of pneumonia before Easter

He did not lose consciousness. He was admitted to the Gemelli Clinic in Rome with pneumonia. The Vatican first reported on the planned medical examinations and later on bronchitis. However, the Italian media speculated that pneumonia was the cause of the hospitalization.

After the hospital stay, an acquaintance of the pope also claimed that Francis told him on the phone that he was unconscious before he was admitted. The Pope has now made this clear.

The Pope traveled to Hungary for three days:

Pope Francis criticizes the Hungarian government’s immigration policy. During his visit to Hungary, he met refugees and the socially disadvantaged.

04/29/2023 | 01:43 min

Regarding his current health condition, the Pope said he is fine but it is not yet known if he will actually be able to make the arduous journey for World Youth Day in Lisbon in August this year. “We’ll see how it goes after that,” he said when asked.

Pope Francis has been in office for ten years. At first there was great hope that he would reform the church. Many Germans are now disappointed. Did he really fail?

06.04.2023 | 44:12 minutes

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