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Detective Paths in Vienna: On a Mystery Tour Through the City Center

Detective Paths in Vienna: On a Mystery Tour Through the City Center

With detective trails, walking in Vienna becomes a fun tour of puzzles.
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If you like a different kind of sightseeing, then you should go on the detective trails in Vienna. There are already three puzzle tours in the city, and we tested the detective track in the city center.

MyCityHighlight detective trails is a puzzle adventure with a badger detective. Participants accompany him on his puzzle tour and learn many interesting and surprising things about the area in question – in our case downtown Vienna.

The Detective’s Trail in Central Vienna: This Is How It Works

And this is how it works: after purchasing the desired ticket on the Detektiv-Trails website, you can print the treasure map (or download the app). We decided on – very old school – for the hard copy, which consists of an explanation of the game including basic data about the route, directions, riddles and a map.

using a treasure map We were guided through Vienna city center (about 4 km away) and had to solve several puzzles at the respective sites. You will learn interesting facts about the places, statues and buildings that are part of the detective path.

Once all the questions are answered, the solution code must be calculated from them at the end of the treasure hunt. By showing the code, you get a little surprise at the Mozarthaus Vienna (applies to the detective track in the city center).

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Walking in Vienna becomes a fun treasure hunt

Conclusion: detective trails certainly add variety to Vienna outings. Fans of puzzles small and big get their money’s worth, and the questions aren’t too difficult. Therefore, puzzle tours are also very suitable for families with children or for birthday parties and school trips.

Another plus point: On the way through the city center, you pass many restaurants that invite you to stay and eat and you can see the famous sights of Vienna from a new perspective. Vienna experts can put their general knowledge to the test in puzzles.

MyCityHighlight already has three investigation paths for Vienna: