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Deutsche Bahn strike: 70 per cent of long-distance trains canceled

Deutsche Bahn strike: 70 per cent of long-distance trains canceled

Because of the train drivers’ strike, Deutsche Bahn continues to suffer massive failures. According to Deutsche Bahn, about 70 percent of long-distance trains were stopped on Sunday morning. That’s slightly less than on Friday, when there were still 75 percent of failures in this area. Deutsche Bahn has announced that it will use additional trains over the weekend. According to the company, traffic according to the replacement schedule was fairly stable.

In regional and S-Bahn traffic, about 60 percent of trains will be canceled, as in the past few days, according to Deutsche Bahn. The group said strikes were still focused on the east and some urban areas. Participation in strikes fluctuates at the regional level.

The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) is also still affected by the German train drivers’ strike. Among other things, sleeping planes to Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Hamburg have been canceled and many daily flights to Germany are operated only in the Austrian section. The strike does not affect daytime traffic within Austria via the German Corner (from Salzburg to Tirol), rail connections between Vienna and Munich, EC traffic on the Italy-Insbruck-Munich route (via Kufstein) and communications on the Vienna-Salzburg-Bregens announced and Zurich, both in the German corner, reported about ÖBB on their website.

According to Deutsche Bahn, 7,017 train drivers out of a total of about 19,700 decibel train drivers have stopped working since the start of the latest wave of strikes. In addition to the train staff, the leadership of the train drivers’ union GDL called on workers in the network, in maintenance or in stations to participate in a labor dispute during this strike, according to the railway. “But in these areas, there was not much downtime even in the third wave of strikes.”

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The railroad failed again on Friday to ban the planned GDL trade union strikes in court until Tuesday morning. Railroad GDL has called for a renegotiation, while the union, for its part, is demanding an improved offer from the group. The President of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), Rainer Hoffmann, criticized the behavior of the GDL during the railway strike and asked them to return to the negotiating table.