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Deutsche Boerse: Xetra-Gold holdings rise to 242 tons | 05.07.22

Frankfurt (Dow Jones) – Gold Stock of Bearer-Traded Bonds Xetra-He went It rose to 242 tons as of June 30, according to Deutsche Boerse. At the beginning of the year it was still 237 tons of gold.

“The first half of the year was marked by high inflation and geopolitical tensions,” said Steffen Orben, managing director of Deutsche Börse Commodities GmbH, issuer of Xetra-Gold. Investors look for safe havens especially in times of great uncertainty. Gold has proven to be very stable thanks to its stable and diversified function in the investor’s portfolio.

Xetra-Gold stock always increases when investors buy shares on the stock exchange. Each certificate of participation corresponds to exactly one gram of gold. At the end of June, Xetra-Gold had 13.5 billion euros in assets under management.

Xetra Gold investors are entitled to deliver certified physical gold. Since Xetra-Gold was launched in 2007, investors have used it 1,681 times. 7.4 tons of gold were delivered.

In September 2015, the Federal Financial Court declared that profits from the sale or redemption of Xetra-Gold after a minimum holding period of one year are not subject to withholding tax. Thus, the purchase and redemption or sale must be assessed for tax purposes such as the direct purchase and direct sale of physical gold – such as gold bars or gold coins, for example.

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July 05 2022, 04:08 ET (08:08 GMT)