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Developer Rockstar apologizes to fans

Developer Rockstar apologizes to fans

Members Grand Theft Auto Especially rave about the early parts, San Andreas And Underworld. No wonder many have been looking forward to the revised version of these games for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. in a GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition Besides the classics too GTA III Includes.

But the replay device has caused fans to be furious with major technical issues. Among other things, they have shared videos of the most annoying mistakes on Twitter, ridiculing but also hostility towards Rockstar employees.

The visual setup also caused dissatisfaction, because the implementation simply wouldn’t have put in enough effort. In particular, some users could not believe the poor animation of rain in San Andreas.

Sorry from Rockstar

Now finally inform the developer studio rock star to talk and apologize In a blog post For anyone who has issues with the GTA Trilogy: ‚ÄúRevised versions of these classics have not been released in a condition that meets the quality standards or standards our fans have come to expect. We have ongoing plans to address these technical issues and improve each of the games. With each scheduled update, players will reach the level of quality which they deserve.”