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Diabetes and heart disease together significantly increase the risk of dementia – Heilpraxis

Diabetes and heart disease together significantly increase the risk of dementia – Heilpraxis

Better understanding of dementia risk

people at the same time Type 2 diabetes and heart disease Suffers, double here you are risk of dementia. Preventing diabetes and cardiovascular disease can also help reduce the risk of developing dementia.

In a new study conducted by experts from Karolinska Institute In Sweden, the combined effect of cardiovascular disease on the risk of developing dementia was examined. The results were published in the journalAlzheimer’s disease and dementiaChest.

Data was evaluated from 2,500 participants

For new research work Data from the Swedish National Study on Aging and Care used. In general, the data from 2500 Healthy subjects over 60 years of age who did not have dementia at the start of the study.

At the beginning of the study, the incidence of cardiovascular disease was assessed using Medical records and clinical examinations Identifies. Then the participants were for a while Under medical supervision for twelve years.

In addition, participants had to take cognitive tests in order to Changes in cognitive abilities and the dementia progression Observed, according to experts.

How does dementia develop?

Dementia develops very slowly and takes decades. The disease first manifests itself as gradual cognitive declinewhich can only be determined in cognitive tests.

Memory impairment as a sign of dementia

According to the team, the next step is a Cognitive impairment In, where infected persons themselves notice that they are under poor memory They suffer but are still able to take care of themselves. In the end, complete dementia develops and the patient cannot cope with daily life independently.

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Cardiovascular risk factors for dementia

so called Cardiovascular disease (Type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation and stroke) The most important risk factors for dementiaresearchers report.

indeed “Few studies have examined how the coexistence of many of these diseases affects the risk of developing dementia, and this is exactly what we wanted to investigate in our study.The study author explains Abigail Dove in press release.

A double risk of dementia has been identified

Data analysis showed that the presence of More than cardiovascular disease cognitive decline rate greatly accelerated. This also led to a double risk of dementia, the researchers reported.

who – which The risk increased with the number of diseases in and Specific groups of diseases It appears to increase the risk of dementia in particular. “In our study, the diabetes/heart disease and diabetes/heart disease/stroke groups were the most detrimental to cognitive function.Dove reports.

Experts add that, however, people who only Cardiovascular disease It was, There is no significant risk of dementia offered.

This can prevent dementia from developing

It’s good news. The study shows that the risk only increases when a person has at least two of these diseases“, Confirms pigeon. It is therefore possible to prevent dementia by preventing the development of a second disease.

Prevention is already in middle age

The study also found that the association between cardiovascular disease and dementia risk was stronger in participants younger than 78.

We should therefore focus on preventing cardiovascular disease in middle age, as the risk of cognitive failure and dementia appears to be higher in those who develop cardiovascular disease early in life.“, like this pigeon.

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In the future, the team hopes to learn more about the mechanism behind this association. This is what the effects are supposed to do DNA Brain scans to determine how Cardiovascular disease damages the brain ability. (as such)

Author and source information

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