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How to turn a chair into an herb garden

How to turn a chair into an herb garden


Let old furniture sparkle with new splendor or even give it a whole new job: that’s exactly what the new myHOMEBOOK “Refurbished” series is all about! In the first episode, DIY and upcycling specialist Thomas Klotz shows us what you can do with an old chair.

What do you do with the old chair where the upholstery is broken and the wood shows its age? That’s right, recycling! Because the piece of furniture is too good to simply be thrown away. Together with a DIY expert Thomas Klots From Berlin in the new series “Upholstered” we show how you can create completely new things from old furniture. In the first episode, the old chair turns into a new chair garden. In the video, we show how it works!

Reuse the chair – what do you need for this?

To build a chair garden, you first need an old chair to recycle. What it looks like is a matter of taste – but the old models made of wood are especially beautiful. You will also need:


  • Wooden plank (larger than an old seat cushion)
  • chalk dye
  • labels
  • flower pots

Tools and utensils