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Diablo 4 – Your School Grade Season 1: Sending Blizzard to Detention or Handing Out Hard Work Stars?

Diablo 4 – Your School Grade Season 1: Sending Blizzard to Detention or Handing Out Hard Work Stars?

What was your first impression of the first season?

Four Full Days is the first season of Diablo 4 called “evil seasonIt’s getting old now. Enough time to draw your first tentative conclusion and ask how you like the new gameplay mechanics, the Season Journey and the Battle Pass.

Give Blizzard a score for Season 1

For our survey we make it very classic today and use the grade school system. So you’re free to decide if you want to give Blizzard an extra round, or a Quiesel – does anyone know about the shaggy blue still? – Get paid for great work.

Your eulogy or lecture in the comments

In addition to your score, we’d be very interested to know what points you have to critique about Season 1 that you really like. Did Season 1 reignite Hellfire, or has the final spark gone? Write it to us in the comments.

Many thanks in advance for participating!

About “Evil Season”

On Thursday evening, the first season began with a lot of turmoil. In addition to the unusually long wait times, at least for Diablo 4 standards, a few (significant) bugs made starting very difficult at first.

The first season revolves around the season’s journey divided into seven chapters, with the following three innovations:

  • degenerate of heart: With this new mechanic, enemies will drop hearts that must be dealt with as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will result in the emergence of stronger “malicious” enemies.
  • Malicious tunnels: A new kind of dungeon in which you will increasingly get the new resource “Degenerate Hearts”. A new boss is also waiting for you here.
  • equipment: 6 Uniques and 7 Legendary Aspects are also in play now.
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In addition, along with the first season, the Battle Pass, including 90 free and premium levels, entered the game, which, in addition to resources, also produces a lot of cosmetics.