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Did Kurtz want to increase his girlfriend's salary?  - On the charge of "crossing the border" - Politics

Did Kurtz want to increase his girlfriend’s salary? – On the charge of “crossing the border” – Politics

He briefly defended his partner against Schmid’s statements.

On Friday, Sebastian Kurz spoke again of statements made by the former Secretary General of Finance, Thomas Schmid. The focus was on the accusation that Kurz demanded a salary increase for his partner, Susan Thier.

During questioning by the Attorney General for Economic Affairs and Corruption, Schmid stated that Kurz campaigned to increase his partner’s salaries. The former advisor sees the limit crossed, he confirmed on Facebook.

Schmid mentioned that Kurz demanded a salary increase for his partner

Kurtz’s partner, Susan Thierr, worked in public relations at the Ministry of Finance in 2016 and on several evening events. “In conversation with me, Kurtz once called that there was an increase in Mrs. Thierre’s salary and that this amount of work should be taken into account,” Schmid said. Thiers’ working relationship was finally reassessed.

According to the ministry, no salary increase: “The last thing for me”

In any case, according to the Ministry of Finance, there was no salary increase in 2016. Furious about discussing his private life, Kurtz appeared on Facebook: “Thomas Schmid crossed a line with his false accusations against me, but also deliberately spreading lies about my family and personally discrediting my girlfriend. It’s the last thing for me!”

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