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Reason: Suzanne Thierry: A new document supports Schmid's statement

Reason: Suzanne Thierry: A new document supports Schmid’s statement

Since Thomas Schmid’s recognition of WKStA, the ÖVP has launched a campaign against its credibility. The liar is called Baron Munchausen and the like. In his confession, Schmid accused ÖVP celebrities such as Sebastian Kurz, Wolfgang Sobotka and August Wogger, who are resisting.

Schmid’s credibility is also at stake in the dispute over the job promotion of Susan Thier, partner of Sebastian Kurz. He works in the Public Relations Department of the Treasury Department.

According to Schmid’s statement, the chancellor at the time, Kurz, intervened with Schmid, then the Secretary General at the Ministry of Finance, that she receive a higher salary because she was responsible for many of the evening’s events and the work increased.

Schmid says he thinks it happened in 2016, but he doesn’t remember exactly that. He also no longer knows how the salary increase was implemented, but remembers telling Kurtz that it was implemented.

Last week, the Ministry of Finance denied that Suzanne Thierre’s salary was raised in 2016.

However, ministry files available to the investigation committee contain an email supporting Schmid’s statement. SPÖ MP Jan Kreiner announced on Sunday. Accordingly, “on behalf of Mr. GS” (Secretary General, Note) “MEGA URGENT” (sic!) was asked to upgrade its A1/2 post to A1/3 this week (sic!). Connect with Pasquale.”

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