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Died of long waiting times in emergency rooms in England

At least two patients recently died in England from waiting for hours in front of emergency rooms. The internal documents, which were quoted by the Palestinian News Agency today, paint a disastrous picture of the situation.

In a letter, the head of the NHS called for an end to queues for ambulances in front of emergency rooms and no use of ambulances as additional waiting rooms.

The risk to patients is enormous, NHS medical director Stephen Boyce, and head of NHS emergency services, Pauline Philip, said in the letter, citing the PA.

Rescue Service Provider: The cause is an epidemic

Delivery from the ambulance to the emergency room should not take more than 15 minutes. The cause of the huge burden is the pandemic, Martin Flaherty of the Rescue Providers Association said.

Emergency facilities and ambulances are also under tremendous pressure due to distance rules and staff who have to self-isolate after coming into contact with infected people. Since April, the number of ambulance waiting times has nearly doubled. In September, emergency rooms treated 1.39 million people — more than at any time in a month.

Post-mortem investigation began

An investigation has been opened in Worcester after a patient died while waiting for five hours in an ambulance outside the door of the Royal Worcestershire Hospital. In Cambridge, a woman died in a similar situation.

For the first time in history, the NHS in the West Midlands region of Birmingham has raised its risk assessment for delays in emergency delivery to the highest level. The PA cited documents that a patient had to be cared for by an ambulance crew for more than 13 hours. There have been many cases where patients have had “serious damage”.

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