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The rescue ship brought more than 360 people ashore

After waiting for days, MSF disembarked 367 rescued refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean. The marine rescue ship “Geo Barents” docked in the port of Palermo, Sicily, yesterday evening. There, the people, including 172 children, according to the aides, were tested for coronavirus and then distributed to reception and quarantine camps.

And the American news agency (ANSA) reported that Palermo Mayor Luluca Orlanda came to the port when the ship arrived. “Let us overcome selfishness and political deception,” said the Social Democrat.

Rescued by boats and wooden boats

The Geo Barents has transported people on rubber and wooden boats on several expeditions last week. Since the end of the week, the ship has been waiting for permission to enter the port.

Concerns have increased over the prospect of violent storms in the area southeast of Sicily and south of Calabria. The ship has now received the green light from the Italian authorities. “Words cannot describe the joy and comfort on board,” the organization wrote on Twitter.

Many refugees and migrants sit on the coast of North Africa in the hope of a better life in boats to reach the European Union. They often arrive in Italy or are picked up by sea lifeguards. But if the coast guard in Libya intercepts them, for example, they will be turned back.

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