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Dieter Bohlin: The Real Cause of DSDS-Aus – RTL’s Violent Allegations

Dieter Bohlin: The Real Cause of DSDS-Aus – RTL’s Violent Allegations

Dieter Bohlin is no longer under contract to RTL – fans will have to digest the news. Meanwhile, he commented on Instagram, including swipe up.

Cologne – Perhaps many fans of Dieter Bohlin (67) were waiting for this explanation. Pop Titan made its first statement after being fired in “Deutschland Represented Den Superstar” and “Das Superstar” (both RTL), reports RUHR24*. And RTL in particular removes its fat.

Singer Dieter Gunter Bohlin
Boy February 7, 1954 (age 67), Bern
Partner Karina Falls (2006-)
children Morris Bohlin, Marilyn Bohlin, Amelie Bohlin, Maximilian Bohlin, Marvin Bohlin, Mark Bohlin
Couples Verona Booth (married 1996-1997), Erika Sauerland (married 1983-1989)

Dieter Bohlin: From RTL – Poptitan with sick leave for DSDS

It was already apparent that Dieter Bohlin wasn’t taking the news about his expulsion from RTL well. So the 67-year-old must attend the last two DSDSs until the end in order to be duly adopted in the final (all Celebrity and TV news from NRW* On

But it will not go that far, because a few days after the expulsion of Dieter Bohlin was announced, he submitted a sick note. Officially because of a sprained ankle – but because of the current row that feels more like a job refusal.

Dieter Bohlin with Instagram statement after DSDS-Aus: In disagreement with RTL?

There was only a short statement by Dieter Bohlin after that on Instagram. He promised in the video: “I still have big plans.” And: “When a door closes, a thousand more will open.” A short video that left some users confused, after all they were waiting for an interesting argument with RTL.

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And they can have it now, because Dieter Bohlin commented again on DSDS in an Instagram video. “No, it was never about money, and it was not at all. No, I didn’t panic, I wasn’t angry either, nothing at all. Instead, RTL simply wants to take a new, more family-friendly pathway – the revolutionary who is always What hits shit like me a little has nothing to do with it.

Will Dieter Bohlin Join ProSieben Soon? Genki von Wilmsdorf showed us how

So, Dieter Bohlin was able to understand why he was expelled from RTL. He himself noticed that he would not fit in with the new RTL image: “I’ll always tell the truth,” the pop giant said in the video. This may also have been the reason for his demise.

In the coming seasons, Dieter Bohlin will no longer be a member of the DSDS and Das Supertalent (RTL) jury.

© Henning Kaiser / dpa

But Dieter Bohlin doesn’t want to change to the TV station. “I am who I am now, and I can’t change that either. I will continue to improve myself, and I will be more honest and have more sayings,” declared the 67-year-old. So it looks like he’s not going to retire.

It is unclear just how and where the flight will continue. As announced in a previous video, he will have several performances. Will Bohlen now switch to the rival ProSieben, as Jenke von Wilmsdorff * once did? Perhaps Bohlen fans should be patient. * RUHR24 is part of the Edit Network IPPEN.MEDIA.

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