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DIF: Day two with Bonnie Tyler and The Boss

DIF: Day two with Bonnie Tyler and The Boss

TV notice

Vienna Today is broadcasting live from Donauinselfest in Vienna on Saturday 24 June at 7:00pm on ORF2.

The opening of the program on the biggest stage, Festbühne, was delivered from 5 p.m. by this year’s Rock The Island contest winner: singer-songwriter KTEE. Next, it was All Attention’s turn.

Starting at 7 p.m., Viennese pop singer Julien Le Play performed on the festival stage – his personal highlight beforehand. “I’m already thinking about dying today,” he revealed in an interview with ORF. “People always say there is that minute before you take pictures, when the best scenes of your life happen. And I know that will be part of it.”

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Alle Hoffnung’s band performed early Saturday night
BossHoss singer Alec Völkel at a sound check


BossHoss singer Alec Völkel at a sound check
Bonnie Tyler


Bonnie Tyler brings many of her old songs with her

Bonnie Tyler: “Everyone loves old songs!”

British pop and rock singer Bonnie Tyler planned to play many of her old songs at her 8:30 p.m. concert because: “Everyone loves old songs!” , she said in the interview. The playlist includes “Lost in France”, “It’s a Heartache”, “Holding Out for a Hero”, and “Eclipse of the Heart”. There should also be some new songs.

Perhaps the best attended RAF Camorra party

Starting at 10 p.m., German country rock band The BossHoss will headline the festival stage sponsored by Radio Vienna on Saturday. In any case, the standard in terms of audience numbers is high: Friday’s headlining RAF Camora’s concert was probably the best-attended concert in the 40-year history of the Danube Island Festival, Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) told Radio Vienna. More than 100,000 people attended.

The rush was so great that shortly after 10pm on Friday, the Danube Island Festival organizers asked “for everyone’s safety (…) not to continue on the way to the Danube Island Festival”. Previously, the Kelly Family concert of the 90s was considered the concert with the largest audience.

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Michael Patrick Kelly and Silbermond on Sunday

By the way, there’s also a little Kelly Family this year: Michael Patrick Kelly will appear on the festival stage on Sundays from 10:40 p.m. Prior to that, Silbermond, Felix Jaehn, Leony and Felicia Lu played.

In the cultural tent of ORF III, reading Julia Rabinowitz, who is working on a book on the 40-year history of the Danube Island Festival – “40 Stories from 40 Years” awaits visitors on Saturday afternoon. In addition, appearances by cabaret performers such as Eva Maria Marold and Angelika Niedetzky are or have been on the programme.

“Vienna Today” broadcasts live from the Danube Island Festival

Perhaps one of the highlights of the children’s program on Saturday was the performance of children’s songwriter Bernhard Fiebish. Exercise provided in “Fit with Philipp”. The army also offers a ninja course. ORF III broadcasts many live or live programs on a time delay. Vienna Today is broadcasting live from Danube Island on Saturday.

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