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BAFTA: Four awards for the road movie "Nomadland".

Direct connection from Kyiv to Christian Wierschutz

Russia orders its forces to withdraw from the city of Cherson in southern Ukraine. What does the heavy defeat of the Russian armed forces mean? In addition, the evaluation of ORF correspondent Christian Wierschutz lives from Kyiv.

The black eye of the American Democrats

The US midterm elections are going much better than Democrats expected and worse than Republicans had hoped. In addition to direct contact in Washington with Martin Weiss, the former Austrian ambassador to the United States.

Asylum Summit

Interior Minister Karner has called the county governors to a meeting to discuss how, and above all, where to house refugees and migrants in Austria.

deep insights

The newly emerged chats give deep insights into how the FPÖ wanted to influence the ORF.

Spy on citizens

In the scandal surrounding the Israeli Pegasus surveillance program, a commission of inquiry of the European Parliament submitted an interim report – with reference to Austria. It is said that many countries have used spyware against citizens for political purposes.

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