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Russia threatens to halt gas supplies via Nord Stream 1

Russia threatens to halt gas supplies via Nord Stream 1

For the first time since the military attack on Ukraine, Russia has publicly threatened to cut off gas supplies through the Baltic Sea pipeline “Nord Stream 1”. “We have the full right to make a ‘fair’ decision and issue a ban on the transportation of gas through the ‘Nord Stream 1’ pipeline, which is currently used with a maximum of 100 percent,” said the deputy prime minister. Minister Alexander Nowak last night on state television.

“No one wins”

He commented on the discontinued Nord Stream 2 line, which Russia is trying to run. “But we haven’t made that decision yet. Nobody wins,” Nowak explained. However, Russia now sees itself being pushed in this direction by European politicians and their accusations. The German government halted the controversial pipeline after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Nowak said that Russia is following the statements of Western politicians who want to separate from Russian oil and gas. EU politicians are now driving up energy prices by their actions.

The United States plans to stop oil imports from Russia. However, it is small in size compared to European imports. The European Union is also considering such an import ban, but there is currently no agreement in sight. There are also calls to ban gas imports, but this is considered even more unrealistic.

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