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Disaster for Schumacher and Vettel

Disaster for Schumacher and Vettel

5:52 PM

Williams: Special tribute to Latifi

“It’s great for Nikki. It’s been tough for him to handle the first races with the car,” said team boss Just Capito after the Canadian entered the first quarter in the Sky.

Capito said today’s performance is better “under difficult conditions”, as it is “difficult to say” what will be possible tomorrow from the P10. “I think there are quite a few cars behind Nikki, it’s faster,” he says realistically.

Starting with P16, it gets even more difficult for teammate Albon. But points in the local race don’t seem entirely impossible for Williams, at least.

5:45 pm

The first Ferrari pole in ten years

We talked about it briefly before qualifying: he’s the first Silverstone pole for Scuderia since 2012! Curious: With Alonso, the Spaniard was also in the lead at that time …

Alonso later finished the race “only” on P2. Sainz wants to do better tomorrow. “The pace was there all weekend – except for FT3 when we had some problems,” he says.

However, those issues have been resolved, and if FT2 pace is the norm for racing, you’re in “good shape,” Sainz said. “I’m sure Max and Charles will push a lot,” he explains.

Let’s see if he can hold up this morning. This will be Ferrari’s first win at Silverstone since 2018.

5:38 pm

Marco: “We were very in control”

In this context, the Austrian is also upset by the loss of the pole. “The yellow flag, we had to slow down. And that cost us first place in the third sector,” Sky emphasized.

“We were so in control and then something like this happened,” he shrugged. He has no doubts about the race speed for tomorrow, but he explains: “The problem here is overtaking.”

“We are [P]2 and [P]4, i.e. a lot can be done in terms of strategy and tactics. “I think we will be faster again in the race,” Marko said.

5:32 PM

Verstappen: the yellow flag cost tycoon

Spacey: Leclerc’s mistake didn’t just cost him the chance to get to number one – it cost him Verstappen! “It’s always a third quarter lottery,” says the Dutchman, explaining that he held a yellow flag on his last lap.

And that’s what just came from Leclerc. “But I think it’s still very good for us to be in the front row,” the world champion said optimistically. “We have a good race car in the dry and wet places.”

Looking forward to tomorrow, he explains, “It’s not just about the first cycle, it’s about [ganze] Racing.” Among other things, tire management will play an important role, and therefore he does not want to rush into anything at first.

5:27 pm

Leclerc: I didn’t deserve first place

Monegasse says he is happy for his teammate. “He did a great job,” he says. Of course, after turning on the last lap, he was not satisfied with his performance.

“I knew it was the course I had to put everything together – and I didn’t, so I didn’t deserve to be in first,” said Leclerc, for whom P3 is still a “good” starting point.

“I think the speed is there,” he says optimistically. “If we have a clean race, then everything should be fine.” But that hasn’t been the case with him and Ferrari recently…

5:21 pm

Sainz: The tour wasn’t good!

The Spaniard himself reported after his first pole: “It was a good lap, but I had a lot of problems with standing water in the middle. There was a lot of water, even on the perfect line.”

It was very easy to make a mistake there. “It was also difficult to get an average temperature for these conditions.” That’s why he wasn’t very happy with his hug.

“Eventually I was able to do some laps together, but I didn’t get the impression that it was special,” admits Sainz, whose starting point was a “little surprise.”

5:16 pm

Most races to first place

It took quite a long time! After 149 starts in Formula 1, Sainz finally snatched his first position of the day. Which made it into the top ten list:

5:11 pm

Boos vs Verstappen

By the way, in the top 3 interviews after the qualifiers, there is a loud booing against Verstappen again. Not the great English way, a small consolation for the fans: with Hamilton, Norris and Russell, three British drivers made it to the top eight.

From a German point of view, we can only dream of something like this at the moment…

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