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What is the equivalent of 2017?  Austrian Football Federation women want to ‘write a new history’ – football

What is the equivalent of 2017? Austrian Football Federation women want to ‘write a new history’ – football

“Wait. Just expect.”

Sarah Zadrazil epitomizes the mood in the Austrian Football Association’s women’s national team shortly before the start of the European Championships in England.

“It’s going to be an unbelievably great event,” said the Bayern Munich legionnaire. “I don’t think we’ll see something like it any time soon.”

The standard is very high after the European Super Championships in 2017. Having entered the tournament as clear underdogs, the Austrians were surprised to reach the semi-finals.

However, Zadrazil and Co. don’t think much about comparisons with 2017. “At that time we were obvious outsiders, we no longer had that role,” said the ÖFB midfielder. LAOLA1. “We want to write a new story this time.”

Summer Tale 2.0?

The ÖFB team certainly has the potential to create a summer fairy tale 2.0.

Johar Existing Players wrote the success story in 2017 and has a lot of experience. There are also young talents who give the team a fresh scent.

This is the ÖFB team for EM >>>

“We have a very broad team with a lot of quality, and that’s what makes us better as a team,” Zadrazil explains.

Former UEFA President Leo Windtner confirmed this recently: “The 2017 summer fairy tale was the main event par excellence for women’s football. After that it was difficult to top it again. But we managed to make a huge leap in the technical and tactical aspect. The region. It will be It’s tough in England, but with the right tools I think there’s a realistic chance that 2022 will be a nice summer too.”

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Hearts trump cards

If you ask about ÖFB players, the same traits keep coming when you ask about the team’s greatest strength: cohesion. Team spirit. heart.

“The atmosphere on and off the pitch that we have as a team is something very special. I’ve never experienced it like this.”

Sarah Zadrazil talks about the spirit of the Austrian Premier League

“It’s just this family that you have. A lot of us have played together for years and then the guys come together and bring a breath of fresh air. It’s always a pleasure to join the team, whether it’s before a friendly match or before the European Championships. It shows the community we have , What is cohesion. That’s what sets us apart as a team,” explains goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger LAOLA1-an interview.

Zadrazil also emphasizes the team spirit: “The atmosphere on and off the field that we have as a team is something very special. I have never experienced it like this. We are all friends and always have a lot of fun together, even if we have to work hard. It is very special.”

This collective spirit is something that has remained since 2017. “Also a desire to learn and ambition,” Zinsberger says.

Team Leader Erin Furman also remembers EM 2017 and sees similarities with the current team.

“The euphoria was there at the time because we got to the semi-finals, but also because of the way the team played. I don’t think we played the best football, but we were passionate as a team spirit and a soul fighter. I think those are exactly the values ​​we needed back then. other”.

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Fuhrmann on the EM group: “The group is required”

The passion and ambition of the ÖFB team did not stop before the opening match against hosts England on July 6 at Old Trafford, which sold out to almost 75,000 fans.

On the second day of the match, we continue against Northern Ireland, who made their debut in the European Championship, and in the final of the group, twice European champion Norway (1987 and 1993) was waiting for you.

“Certainly the expectations from abroad are different, but we can assess them very realistically. It was not an easy group with Switzerland, Iceland and France in 2017 either, but it is much more difficult now,” says Irene Formann, head of the ÖFB team.

“The balance of power has not fundamentally changed. We have evolved further, especially in the game with the ball, but it is clear that England and Norway are ahead. It takes collectively to be able to cope with that,” she confirms. LAOLA1.

The ÖFB women’s goal is clear: to stay in the tournament as long as possible. “But we also have to be realistic. My ideal is to have a good match against England Show performance, no matter what the result looks like. We have to face Northern Ireland “We’re doing our bit to get a chance to survive the group stage against Norway,” Foreman said.

And who knows, maybe the ÖFB team will outdo itself again, with team spirit and heart, and write a new success story.

Sarah Zadrazil already has the right headline ready: “The women’s national team inspires Austria.”

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