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Discover your loving side – discover your mind

Discover your loving side – discover your mind

Showing your loving side can improve your relationships and enhance your well-being.

Last updated: October 10, 2023

Some people find it difficult to express their feelings openly. Even if they feel affection, they lack expression and self-control. Find out what’s yours loving side, To build healthy relationships! We have some tips for you.

Love people

As a general rule, we learn to treat others with love In childhood From our parents. The bond we build with our closest caregivers shapes all the other relationships in our lives. People with secure attachments find it easier to be loving. However, we must not forget that affection is not always altruism.

We express affection through verbal and Non-verbal language From: facial expressions, touch, physical closeness… Loving people are also good listeners and show empathy. If you have your own The loving side If you discover and practice it, you will enjoy multiple benefits, which we will look at more closely next.

Discovering your loving side has many benefits

Loving people don’t just have more successful relationships. in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication The published article indicates that they also have better self-esteem and Happier and healthier We are.

They usually react more calmly in stressful or difficult situations. They also recover faster and are happier. Discovering your loving side can enhance your well-being and contribute to the prevention of stress, depression, anxiety, social problems, sleep disorders, and physical complaints.

Discover your loving side

It’s not too late: you can Develop your character at any time And enhance your loving side. However, if this indicates an anxious and insecure attachment style, we recommend that you seek treatment.

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Small actions and a willingness to love are often enough. The following tips can help you.

1. Physical contact

Loving people value physical contact. Study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin It reminds us how important touch is in strengthening social bonds. A hug, a handshake, a hug or a kiss… these gestures make us happy and strengthen our relationships.

Did you hug your loved one today? Your body secretes transmitters such as serotonin, which we also call happy hormones. You can also use gentle touches pressure tearing down. However, you need to know when physical contact is appropriate and when it is better to hold back. There are people who don’t feel comfortable being touched, you have to respect that.

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2. Active listening

Communication is one of the basic requirements of any relationship. Loving people are able to actively listen and show empathy. When a loved one has a problem, You can support them with your attention and affection. The following tips will help you:

  • Listen without interrupting the other person or changing the subject.
  • Ask the person how they feel and how they do…
  • Use a warm, friendly and respectful tone of voice.
  • Show an open posture that invites the other person to open up as well.
  • Paraphrase what the other person is saying or ask relevant questions to show you care.
  • Maintain eye contact with the other person while speaking.
  • Avoid advice and judgement. Study in International Journal of Listening It shows that active listening is much more effective than well-intentioned advice.
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3. Affection through words

Show your feelings through endearing words: “I love you”, “You are very special”, “You are very important to me”, “I miss you…” You may find it difficult at first, but you can start with social media messages peppered with emojis to show the person how important they are in your life.

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4. Every detail is important

Show your loving side with small gifts. Pay attention to others and remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions to express how important they are. Write down important dates on a calendar or use your smartphone. People-loving people care about others Thus their relationships improve.

Small gestures are enough to see the people you love happy. You can cook their favorite meal, invite them to the movies, or plan a little surprise to take them away from their daily lives.

Show your loving side

Loving people can express their affection and tenderness toward others through gestures, hugs, and words. If you make an effort, you can show others how important they are to you. Get started today!

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