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Discovered the oldest galaxy in the world with James Webb

Discovered the oldest galaxy in the world with James Webb

The galaxy CEERS-93316 was born just 235 million years after the Big Bang.

Astronomers, thanks James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Discover the oldest galaxy in the world. Two galaxies have already been discovered this year 330 million years And the 300 million years Formed after the Big Bang.

The new record holder is named CEERS-93316 even older. I just became 235 million years Born after the Big Bang. Approximately 14 billion years The ancient universe almost wink.

The first billion years are crucial

How this happened is still a mystery nowadays. The biggest challenge to exploring this early universe is its distance. Light takes time to travel. However, the young universe is so far away that any light that reaches us is very weak.

In general, the first billion years after the Big Bang are of particular interest to researchers. During this time, matter, antimatter, dark matter, stars, galaxies, and dust began to form.

Hydrogen ionization ultraviolet light

The The time before the first stars were born is called “cosmic dawnSelected. Approx 250 million years After the Big Bang, the entire universe was filled with a dark cloud of hydrogen atoms. Only when ultraviolet light from stars and galaxies re-ionizes hydrogen can electrons separate from atoms and expand the electromagnetic spectrum. After about a billion people after the Big Bang, light can shine again unimpeded.

Researchers around the world of astrophysics Calum Donan Manal University of Edinburgh Now you want to learn more about the universe in this young hazy time and learn how stars, galaxies or supermassive black holes are formed. JWST can support exploration of the early universe and provide insight into its beginnings.

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However, more observations must be made to confirm the identity of the newly discovered galaxy. Study on a prepress server arXiv Available.