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Xbox Series S: Update frees more RAM and improves graphics performance

Xbox Series S: Update frees more RAM and improves graphics performance

After game developers complained about Xbox Series S memory limitations, Microsoft began distributing an update to the game console’s SDK that could improve graphics performance by allowing developers to access more memory on the console.

More memory helps in critical situations

With more memory accessible for games, graphics performance can improve in games that have hitherto reached console memory limits. Microsoft talks aboutHundreds of additional megabytes of storageNow available to developers on Xbox Series S. So no general improvement in graphics performance in all games is expected as a result of the update. Additionally, the issue with setting default addresses, which should now be faster for graphics, has been fixed, further improving performance.

RAM is what limits the S series the most

digital foundry He highlighted the memory limitations of the Xbox Series X, which is supposed to cause some difficulties for developers to optimize games for the less powerful console. Instead of a CPU, which matches the Xbox Series X anyway, and a significantly weaker GPU in the S-series, it’s basically memory that’s limiting the console. If the Xbox Series X can access 16 GB of RAM, then the Xbox Series S only has 10 GB, which cannot be fully used by games. Microsoft reserves about 2 GB for OS services, leaving developers with less than 8 GB.

Microsoft targets 1440p gaming at up to 120fps with the Xbox Series S, while the Xbox Series X is designed for 4K gaming. However, in practice, many games on the Xbox Series S don’t achieve the required 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, but count only in Full HD with 1,920 x 1,080 and sometimes just 60 fps.

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