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Do I have a cold, flu or COVID-19?

Do I have a cold, flu or COVID-19?

in a COVID-19 These are the most common symptoms Fever, cough, exhaustion As well as loss of sense of taste and smell. The least common symptom is a sore throat, Headache, body aches, DiarrheaDiscoloration of the fingers or toes, or the appearance of a rashEye redness or irritation.

when flu You do not have a rash, redness, or loss of taste. In addition to the fever, which can rise suddenly, headache and body aches occur.

in a Colds You don’t have diarrhea or shortness of breath. Fever or headache is rare.

Influenza and Covid-19 also differ in their illness a pathFlu symptoms usually appear suddenly. Patients feel very sick within a few hours and often develop a high fever. Sars-Cov2 infection shows a slight course over several days and increases in severity.

What are the symptoms in children?

It is not at all easy to distinguish the symptoms of Covid-19 in children from other infections in a purely clinical way. If kids have a cough or runny nose but are very active and energetic, they are more likely to have a cold or Covid-19, not the flu. In children, Covid-19 is often mild: It is noted that children and adolescents with Covid-19 often have only one symptom. Infection of the gastrointestinal tract is more common than in adults.

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