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Spray the room with lemon or herbs: It’s that easy!

Spray the room with lemon or herbs: It’s that easy!

The basics in a nutshell

  • Citrus fruits invigorate the senses and always provide a refreshing scent.

  • Herbs have not only a beneficial effect, but also a therapeutic effect, and herbal air fresheners ensure a good indoor climate.

Are you looking for a breath of fresh air? No problem! These natural air fresheners with citrus fruits and herbs make you feel good and have a refreshing effect! And the best thing: You can easily make your own using citrus and herbs.

To feel completely comfortable, air fresheners are a real miracle cure. The scent is soothing and refreshing at the same time – perfect!

Make your own air freshener with herbs: this is how it works

The wonderful fresh room scent with herbal aroma creates a relaxing atmosphere!

you need:

  • glass
  • A cover with holes or a piece of cloth that allows air to circulate
  • Baking powder or baking soda
  • Herbs of your choice (eg mint or thyme)
  • Essential oil of your choice (about 10-15 drops)
  • Wooden sticks (preferably made of bamboo)

This is how it’s done:

Fill the jar halfway with baking powder or baking soda. Then add herbs or dried flowers as desired as well as essential oil, such as peppermint. Finally, mix everything and use chopsticks. Close the jar with a perforated lid to allow the scent to spread throughout the room, or with a breathable cloth. When the smell is gone, simply stir occasionally, a wooden stick is ideal for this purpose.

advice: If you have a cold or are feeling sick, you can infuse your air freshener with essential oils such as eucalyptus. This makes breathing easier.

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Activate all your senses with this DIY citrus room spray

What’s more invigorating than a wonderfully scented yet non-irritating citrus fruit room spray! It’s easy to make your own air freshener

you need:

  • Zest of 1-2 lemons
  • 500 ml of light vinegar
  • Pot with lid
  • sieve
  • Spray bottle

This is how it’s done:

First, put the lemon peels in a bowl and pour some vinegar over them. Close the container with a lid and let the mixture infuse for 3 weeks. Every now and then you should check if the bowls are still covered with vinegar and add a little if necessary. After 3 weeks, you can filter the now dark liquid through a sieve. This is how lemon peels are filtered. Now fill your citrus room spray into a spray bottle. complete! Distribute it around the room as desired.

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advice: Since lemons grow year-round in Europe, specifically in Italy and Spain, they have the shortest transportation route and are therefore the most environmentally friendly. Of course you can also use oranges (peels of 1-2 oranges) or grapefruit Use (grapefruit peel)!

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