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Do nothing, think nothing |  kurier. at

Do nothing, think nothing | kurier. at

collide – collide. The Austrian health portal,, offers tips for relaxation in everyday life, including the following: “Do nothing”. Nothing is better than that, but just doing nothing is not so easy. Because your to-do lists are long. Meeting with girlfriends, finishing the series, and preventing the cat from destroying the garden with the heirloom. You can also outsource fewer tasks: for example, go “How do I do nothing?” to artificial intelligence. The specified program was offline for a short time, and it was overloaded, so it did nothing. Also an answer.

Clear thoughts It’s just a small step to the next question: Can you think of anything at all while you’re awake? Here, too, artificial intelligence has been called into question – as part of a study by scientists. The answer is, amazingly, yes. It shouldn’t be necessary to be a super yogi. Clearing the mind is the state in which thoughts seem to be erased. But how can this be produced? Binaural beats seem to help. that The Institute of Zoology at the University of Innsbruck posted the scientific background and rhythms on YouTube. Unfortunately, there was no time to try the latter in peace. There are also binaural beats designed to help focus. They come out of the headphones and will now appear more often for private test series.

If the concentration is higher, it will be faster to do nothing.

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