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Do you have to provide IT support to the family at Christmas?  Then our four tips will help you against technology stress at the party

Do you have to provide IT support to the family at Christmas? Then our four tips will help you against technology stress at the party

When the family gets together at Christmas, you may often be asked to solve technical problems for your relatives. With our four tips, you can spend the holidays as stress-free as possible.

It's getting colder outside and it's time for family. So you're looking forward to a delicious Christmas dinner and hoping for great gifts. But holidays are often the time when your relatives besiege you with their technical problems. In some cases, the online community can also help you solve technical difficulties.

So that your holiday spirit doesn't drown in technological frustration, we have 4 useful tips for you. With our advice, you can calmly respond to family cries for help and save your relatives' devices with your own IT support.

1. What is the best way forward? – The right approach

What is the best response to a spontaneous question for help? If you are asked to look at a problem in a short time, you should remain calm at first. Even if you have answered certain questions 100 times and the other person is the embodiment of ignorance. After all, it is Christmas and at this time you want to avoid unnecessary stress.

To keep IT support minimal between Christmas dinner and dessert, you can agree to fix only the most important issue and postpone other questions and troubleshooting until a later date. It also means that you can stay focused on one problem and quickly get back to more Christmas-related things.

How can the right choice of words help? There are countless technical terms and foreign words related to IT that are unfamiliar to those with less technical knowledge. To make it easier for a family member experiencing technical difficulties to describe their problem, it is often helpful to use simple, understandable terms rather than technical IT vocabulary.

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Your relatives will thank you and will be able to better answer questions to isolate the problem. This saves the nerves of everyone involved.

2. Simple but often effective – reboots and updates

Why should I restart the infected device first? Some problems can be resolved by restarting the driver. No matter whether it is a Windows computer or a cell phone, simple errors can be fixed in this way.

These include, for example, programs that do not start or slow updates that can slow down the system. A reboot will reload all programs and background services. This method can be incredibly effective and the person you are talking to will be happy with the quick help.

How useful are updates when resolving issues? In general, it is always recommended to update your system. Software developers regularly fix small bugs and quirks in their products through updates. In addition to fixing bugs, stability is often increased, resulting in fewer software crashes.

Ideally, you activate the automatic installation of software and driver updates. Updates are then downloaded in the background and installed at the latest upon reboot. At the same time, you can reduce the number of pop-up messages indicating that the update needs to be installed.

Less technically savvy users sometimes encounter the problem of not being able to distinguish between update requests and actual error messages. With this procedure you will definitely absorb them.

3. Better safe than sorry – data backup and virus scanning

Why is a backup useful when troubleshooting? Not every problem can be solved with a simple method like rebooting or installing an update. Sometimes the cause is deeper in the system. If you don't plan to completely reinstall and setup the affected device, a backup could be worth its weight in gold.

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But even if you make changes and work less than before, you'll be on the safe side if you at least back up your most important data. Provided that the backup copy is recent. This way you can undo the wrong decision when troubleshooting.

Overall, backing up photos and other irreplaceable files can keep family members happy in the event that the device crashes completely.

What does the storage space used have to do with it? Before backing up your data, it's also a good idea to free up storage space. But delete only files that you are sure will not be needed anymore. Some drivers provide filtered cleaning of system folders, for example, to delete temporary files.

If in doubt, go through the download folder file by file with the device owner. There are some programs that you should definitely delete. In addition, not having enough free space can also cause problems. Some errors are due to low system memory.

So you might be killing two birds with one stone. It can also speed up the process of scanning for viruses on the infected device because fewer files have to be scanned.

What can a virus scan do? Malware on the system can have different consequences. Windows computers are particularly affected. Viruses and Trojans can partially affect the device unnoticed or lead to complete system failure.

So make sure to install antivirus software if it is appropriate for the platform of the device in question and if it allows it. The best thing you can do is to run a regular virus scan to avoid the possibility of this happening Pests In quarantine. This means that accidentally moved files can be edited again later.

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4. Post-Holiday Support – Install Remote Access Tool

How can you provide detailed assistance without being on site? So that you don't spend most of your time dealing with a long list of issues on your next visit, it's a good idea to install remote maintenance software. In addition to being used on computers, these tools are now available for mobile phones and other portable devices.

Once installed and set up accordingly, you can easily switch to family devices and make sure everything is running smoothly. Of course, errors can also be resolved simply by talking to you on the phone. But in some situations it is useful to see the problem directly.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with combining remote access with an explanatory phone call. If a user contacts their support department twice a month about their mouse, this will certainly result in a faster resolution.

This makes it practical to apply our previous tips. This means you can also fix a bug or two from home. Remote IT support can prevent new potential problems.

These are our four tips for keeping your cool during IT support this Christmas. Do you have any other tips in mind to follow? Then feel free to write to us in the comments.

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