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Does the KAC legend give the Black Wings wings?

Does the KAC legend give the Black Wings wings?

“We have to respond to this 2-0 defeat in Graz – it doesn’t matter who the opponent is,” said Dan Seaman, coach of Steinbach Black Wings Linz. There are undoubtedly more fun places than Klagenfurt Stadthal to find a way out of the crisis after six defeats in the first six rounds of the Ice Hockey League. As the counterparty arises Today (7.30 pm, live tape on Defending champion KAC, who returned to action just 47 hours after their 4-3 Champions League win in Kiev against Donbass, stumbled on the road.

Perhaps the largest reserves of strength this time speak of the Linzers, but perhaps the fingers crossed by a distinguished spectator help. No less than the legend Eddie Leibler (63), who led the Kuwait Airways team to the championship trophy four times in a row from 1985, will be a guest and not the “red jackets”, but his son Brian (33) – captain of the team black wings – his thumb to press. “Linz is as beautiful for Bryan as Klagenfurt was once for me,” said Eddie, who scored 921 points as the top scorer in 464 games in the Austrian top league.

This target water is missing from the Black Wings so far. “The will in front of goal was what we lacked the most,” says coach Seaman. Linz has scored just seven goals this season, and Brian Liebler wants to improve those stats.

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