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Does the violin trick still work on Nintendo Switch Sports? • Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Wii has become famous and notorious for thumb controller. While some managed to gain something from the movement control and took it seriously, others won We Sports Easily at every tennis match by waving wildly your Wii Remote.

A lot has technically happened since the first release of the Wii Remote and the improved model with built-in Wii Motion Plus technology. Accordingly, our colleagues from GameXplain subjected their Joy-Con controllers to a fidget test and checked if you could Nintendo Switch Sports He can win with wild waving.

The result is unequivocal: you can certainly collect a few points, but it is clear that a player who adheres to the rules and plays to some extent has the upper hand.

Are you trying to make realistic moves with your Joy-Con or are you counting on it Nintendo Switch Sports In the end only victory and as many points as possible?

Nintendo Switch Sports It will be released on April 29, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. We are allowed to Nintendo Switch Sports Also look already and you have one practical reportas well as a short YouTube video, in which you can learn more about the sport footballAnd TennisAnd BadmintonAnd volleyballAnd bowling And Shanbara However, in the fall, a free update of this sport is also planned golf Add to game.

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