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Does Windows 11 make PCs "obsolete"?  Steven Sinofsky advises to wait

Does Windows 11 make PCs “obsolete”? Steven Sinofsky advises to wait

Stephen Sinofsky, the former president of Windows, left Microsoft in 2012 and that wasn’t necessarily a good exit. But even Windows lovers have the first Microsoft Manager He cried hard, after all, it was for it Windows 8 disaster Mainly responsible.

The 55-year-old is still interested in the cause of Windows and Microsoft well eight years after he left or was fired from Redmond. On the one hand, Sinofsky started an online project at the beginning of the year in which he remembers his beginnings and his time at Microsoft. On the other hand, Sinofsky also has an opinion about Microsoft’s operating system and has now also commented on Windows 11 accordingly.

Sinofsky dedicates himself to Twitter In many articles on the topic of hardware compatibility and Redmond’s “decision” to support only a few chip models at the moment. He writes or rather quotes a sentence that could be misunderstood, which is “Windows 11 will generate a lot of unnecessary garbage”.

‘It’s better to wait’

This quote comes from a blog post by Noah Bailey Wisnowski instead warning in his part of the tweet about jumping to conclusions: Because the former Microsoft boss instead means: “Let’s wait for Microsoft to innovate in 8th generation hardware from Intel and beyond That. It becomes a meaningful further development.”

Even in the following tweets, which in turn address articles on this topic, Sinofsky is somewhat cautious and not accusatory. Instead, he thinks it makes sense to exclude Atom CPUs.

The topic of CPU, TPM 2.0, and Windows 11 is primarily a communication issue from Microsoft and (not only) a technical issue. Because Gustave Monce, who just explained how to make Windows 11 run on a Lumia 950 XL, wrote in another tweet that the problems and misunderstandings are currently based mainly on a bug in some CPU families and eventually got blocked by mistake.

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