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Windows 10: Microsoft releases PowerToys 0.41.2

From Julius Cal
Microsoft has released a new version of the PowerToys tool. This is version 0.41.2, which contains many new features. This includes, for example, the new wake-up tool, which is supposed to prevent the computer from sleeping even though the user is working on it.

Although it was supposed to appear a few weeks ago, only now the hardware and software maker Microsoft has released a new update for PowerToys. Brief background: Software suite is a group of software designed specifically for professional Windows 10 users that aim to further optimize the operating system and improve productivity. Now the tool already has version number 0.41.2.

PowerToys 0.41.2: The update brings many improvements

In addition to many improvements, the new update also brings with it a new unit called Awake. This is a tool that’s supposed to prevent your computer from automatically going to sleep while you’re working, without having to set this in the power options. The launcher named PowerToys Run contains two new plug-ins for a unit converter and search in Windows settings.

The new color picker can now be better controlled using the keyboard and also has a zoom mode. The popular FancyZones has received a new token to show progress. In addition, the keyboard is now fully supported here. PowerToys version 0.41.2 also receives many other improvements and improvements. As usual in the release, there are also several bug fixes on board. Users who use the tool regularly should definitely get the update watching, watching.

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