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Donald Trump and his golden sandals with absolute soles

Donald Trump and his golden sandals with absolute soles

President Trump unveiled a gold sneaker bearing his name at a sneaker show in Philadelphia over the weekend. This is typical of his style of political entertainment, and the red sole detail also speaks volumes.

1 million pairs of sneakers at $399 each, so at least the sales would have been roughly $355 million plus interest that Donald Trump was legally obligated to pay in the first place. Just one day after the ruling in New York, Trump, who has been working tirelessly as an ambassador for his own brand with presidential status, introduced the limited edition all-gold high-ankle sneakers, with stars and stripes detailing on the instep and a stunner, at the Sneaker Show. Con brand with the Philadelphia T logo, marking the first launch of a new lifestyle brand.

However, not a million pieces of the model were released, but “only” a thousand pairs, which were probably sold out instantly on the website. On the one hand, the gold sneakers bring to mind Cinderella-style fairy-tale shoes and, of course, the gold sink fixtures in Trump's New York tower apartment, as well as his favorite precious metal. As a true winner, President Trump also contributed to the design of the “Never Surrender” shoe, as the model is called.

The sneakers probably sold out instantly. Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

Even Trump's most die-hard supporters, who seem unwilling to subject any of his statements to a reality check, will never give up. The good news is that there's also something less expensive in an unlimited version of them. For example, white “POTUS 45” shoes with at least some gold details for 199 US dollars (Trump was the 45th President of the United States) or the “Victory 47” perfume set (he will be victorious in the fall of 47…he will be the President of the United States) . After Trump has already demonstrated how instrumentalization works with his red “Make America Great Again” shield cap with white lettering, the next phase of the promotion is now coming.

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You don't want to smell like a men's perfume (cost: $99) in real life. Top notes with citrus notes and a cedarwood heart settle on a base of leather and amber. That's the description on the website, it seems interchangeable and meaningless, but in the end you prefer to avoid the reality check of the scent and the “dominant presence” it is supposed to derive from.

But again, as is always the case when it comes to matters of taste and in American political life, which is divided into discordant camps, no constructive discussion of discontent or enthusiasm is likely to arise.

On the other hand, the red soles of Trump's sneakers are an important detail: because they remind us not only of Christian Louboutin's high-heeled shoes, but also of their historical model. Sun King Louis

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