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Donald Trump and Melania Trump’s new website “45Office”

President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have launched a new website that will “preserve the wonderful legacy of the Trump administration.”

This comes three months after Trump was banned from several major social media sites, following an attempt to build more contact with supporters.

Among other things, visitors can “share their thoughts” with Trump and former First Lady Melania, as well as the opportunity for couples to request reservations for their own events and receive personal greetings.

The site, which marks Trump’s place in the list of U.S. presidents, has been given the address “”.

Avoid blurring

Nothing has been said about whether the ex-presidential couple will charge for these services and what the price will be in that regard. However, this is not uncommon Ex-presidents get thirsty sums Attend or talk at various events.

In a familiar fashion, Trump walks out confidently, claiming in the first part of the website’s information page that during his presidency he “launched the most extraordinary political movement in history, overthrew political dynasties, and fought against the establishment in Washington,” a true foreigner to occupy the White House.

Then Online: Donald and Melania Trump
Then Online: Donald and Melania Trump started a website called “”. Photo: AFP / NTB.
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However, nothing is said about this Two Supreme Court cases Against him, Covit-19 handling This led to more than half a million deaths, The storm of Congress It revolved around the four years of political turmoil in which Trump was president of the United States.

Instead, the website refers to the epidemic as a “corona virus plague from China” and emphasizes that Trump “saved countless lives” by closing borders to the country and Europe at an early stage.

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– Shaping the story

Hilmar Melde, an American expert and NORCE researcher, says he is not surprised at the way Trump describes himself on a recent website, but that avoiding multiple scandals speaks for itself.

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– Presidents are always trying to shape the history of their presidency. They do this primarily by writing a book and creating their own museum called “Presidential Libraries.” Trump does the same here, he tells Duckbladet.

“Trump has avoided many and big incidents, which is an indirect recognition of how serious and charged they were,” he said.

Believes influence is declining

Mgelde believes Trump is in his own class in the ranks of American presidents and doubts whether he can maintain his political influence in the future.

– Trump will be remembered as the worst president in history. He beat James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson by a good margin, he says, continuing:

– This is because Trump sought to conspire after the election defeat, and left the epidemic crisis to the states. In both cases, he did the opposite of what presidents should do in situations like this.

In January, Trump’s profiles were removed from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, in response to the attack on Congress, 6 people lost their lives.

– Trump is now losing the relevance of his resignation. He will have to fight to retain control of the party. Mgelde believes he will not be able to browse the dissatisfaction until 2024 in the 2020 election.

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Did Donald Trump?

– Yes, I think Trump gave a red card for his brutal behavior after the 2020 election. He concludes that the party has enough talented leaders and they need to shake hands towards 2024.